This tumblr records the setlists for Dot Dash, a specialty radio show on WRAS-Atlanta Album 88.5FM. The 100,000 watt student voice of Georgia State University. "The highest power (100,000 watts ERP) of any student-staffed radio station in the world." - Wikipedia. Album 88 broadcasts live 24/7 from below the concrete campus in downtown Atlanta, USA. You can stream Album 88 through or click here. Dot Dash is classic post-punk, revival post-punk, art-punk, experimental punk and genres that are heavily influenced by punk. Dot Dash airs every Friday on 88.5FM from 6pm to 8pm EST.

classic post-punk (1977-1985)
post-punk revival (1986-now)
goth rock
no wave
noise rock

Dot Dash
WRAS - Georgia State University
66 Courtland Street
Room 280 University Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 USA

The views and opinions of this blog do not reflect those of Georgia State University or WRAS-Atlanta. I do not claim to own anything posted here.
Posted on 24th April 2013
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Tags: goth, puppets, dark, melancholic, quay brothers,
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